What We Offer

Unlike other travel programs in the area, players have access to our facility 2-3 days/week year round to best prepare themselves to play at the highest level. Listed below are many of the things we offer our full time athletes.

We have been in contact about our players with collegiate programs such as; The University of Arizona, The University of Oregon, The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), Purdue University, Iowa State, The University of Kentucky, The University of Tennessee, Drake, Ball State, Miami of Ohio, Northwestern University, The University of Minnesota, The University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, UW - Whitewater, Ripon College, University of Concordia - Wisconsin and many others!

Division I level strength & Conditioning programs.


Athletes will be exposed to high-level programs that will enhance their overall athleticism and increase their sports critical skills based on what is currently used at the highest levels of strength & conditioning.  Even if it’s the athlete’s first exposure to resistance training, everything is performed at a “crawl, walk, run” approach to help them understand the vital importance of correct form, and to help them become comfortable in the weight room environment.  Programs are individually written and player/position specific. Everything you see within this program, you will see at the collegiate and professional level.


HitTrax  virtual hitting and data collection computer/simulator


Used at the highest levels of baseball and softball, HitTrax is a virtual hitting reality that not only gives the athlete the needed visual cues for increased performance, but also collects and collates data on every swing that an athlete takes and stores it for future evaluation and comparison. Numerous data points are collected and processed such as exit speed velocity, launch angle, distance, hard hit average, individual strike zone hot zones, and much more. What this allows, is for an athlete to approach hitting from a “less mechanical” and “more intuitive” standpoint. All the collected data and high speed imaging can also be saved and edited for a players recruiting video. This now gives prospective coaches real, empirical proof of a players baseline ability.


Defensive skills and performance


Players will have access to top level instruction on position specific fundamentals that will allow them to have the best opportunity to continue that position at the collegiate level. Other than Pitchers, it is rare for a high school athlete -at any position- to play that same position in college.  To do so means that you are the “one of the best”. It is imperative for the high school athlete to “iron out” any wrinkles in order to have the chance to perform at the collegiate level at their respective position.


Overhand/Underhand Pitching Velocity Programs  • Overhand Throwing Velocity Programs


Using well established and proven protocols involving underload and overload weighted ball training along with specific strength and conditioning geared to explosive power production, athletes will have the latest proven methods to increase velocity. Recent participant examples are:


Softball overhand throw      54 mph to 61 mph in 8 weeks        (Freshman HS)   

                                             59 mph  to 74 mph in  12 months    (Senior HS)

Softball pitching                  57.6mph to 61.3 mph in 8 weeks    (Junior HS)

                                            54.4 mph to 58.1 mph in 8 weeks    (Junior HS)

Batted Ball Exit Velocity programs


Using similar overload/underload training protocols in conjunction with strength & conditioning programs geared towards explosive performance athletes will increase their average batted ball exit velocity.  Exit velocity, combined with launch angle manipulation are key factors in overall hitting performance. Top programs are using measurables in their evaluation of prospects using key metrics such as overhand throwing velocity, exit speed velocity, and home to first sprint speed.  Better measured performance can mean better opportunities.


Collegiate Recruiting Assistance


Make no mistake, college sports are a business.  As an athlete, you are the employee and your coach is your employer.  You were given a spot based on your potential performance and you will be held accountable.  If you do not perform, you will not play, period. Playing at the college level is a privilege born of hard work and sacrifice.  You must prove yourself every day because some other player is coming to take your spot.


Recruiting need not be expensive, but it will require that an athlete take personal ownership of the process. Assistance will be provided to help the athlete navigate the potential pitfalls of recruiting. Regardless of what your travel team coach is saying, the possibility of a Power Five, Division I coach coming to see you play is almost zero. Therefore, it is important to reach out to them and get on their radar. Program participants will have “hands on” help in how to contact coaches, and how to increase their chances of being seen and noticed.  Recruiting videos will be provided and updated as necessary to give each athlete the best “look” for prospective coaches.


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