In the year 2017 alone, record home runs were hit in the MLB during the regular season, postseason and even the world series. As the game of baseball continues to evolve, two metrics have become more important than ever before. These metrics are the measurable ones of exit velocity and launch angle, and the correct combination between them will lead to an increase in extra base hits, including home runs.


At Delta Sports Performance, we have taken these metrics into account and have successfully created an 8 week program to increase exit velocity, optimize launch angle to produce the furthest batted ball distance for each specific player.  This is a two day a week program, combining specific hitting protocols with weight training to maximize athletic ability, bat speed and intent that will produce the best results. All of this will be constantly tracked and saved on HitTrax.

These techniques have led to Delta having 5 athletes in the Top - 25 of their respective age groups in the country for batted ball distance on our HitTrax, and we plan to continue to flood the top 25 with our athletes.

As both baseball and softball continue to evolve, it is crucial to stay current with the times, allowing you or your child to be the best possible hitter they can be.

Program Details:



  • 8 weeks

  • 2 days/week

  • 2 hitting sessions & 2 lifting sessions per week

  • Available to boys and girls ages 12 & up