Hittrax is a full baseball simulator that allows players to hit in a batting cage like they never have before. The technology uses three cameras to measure real time data and display the live results for immediate feedback for the hitter. It combines the proven theories of launch angle and exit velocity to accurately estimate the distance of each batted ball, projecting it on to any major league field scaled to various sizes. It is the perfect way to not only improve your swing, but to stay sharp in the winter months when hitting outside is not possible.

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Custom Profiles and Detailed Analytics

Each player will have the ability to create his/her personal profile where every swing they take on the Hittrax will be saved and stored. This will allow maximum data analysis to help each hitter live up to their full potential.


Visual Feedback

By directly connecting the Hittrax to a 60in mounted television, each player is able to see the result of each swing in real time allowing for maximum immersion and the most realistic training environment in the Milwaukee area.