Delta’s New Home

Delta Exterior - Hitter Side Graphic.jpeg

Opening Summer 2019

A 6,000sq foot clear span facility that will allow an open workout environment without the limiting factors such as walls, poles or doors. It will include a 60’ x 74’ infield area to help refine defensive skills training. This area will also be able to support two batting cages that will utilize HitTrax technology as well as more data collecting devices moving forward.

The turf area will be directly connected to the weight room, only separated by a dividing net that will allow our training staff visual access to the entire facility at any given time. The weight room in conjunction with the turf area will allow all the necessary space for the performance training all of our athletes undergo both in the off-season and during season.

Along with the physical improvements, we plan to further invest in technology to aid in our player development. Alongside our existing HitTrax and Rapsodo, we are looking into things such as Rapsodo “Hitting” as well as slow motion cameras to bio-mechanically analyze our athletes and find points to improve upon.

Turf Interior Render.JPG
Weight Room Render.JPG