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Hittrax Lesson Packages

As a more effective and consistent way of training, we are now offering hitting lessons featuring the Hittrax in packages of 8 lessons. This provides a good opportunity to have a consistent hitting schedule as well as data being stored and analyzed every session for maximal improvements. The analytics and data will be able to be emailed, printed or viewed on the player's smartphone using the "Hittrax Statscenter" application allowing improvement to be monitored by the player and parents.

8 1 Hour HitTrax Lessons: $525

8 1/2-Hour Lessons: $406

8 1 Hour Lessons (30 minutes pitching/30 minutes hitting) No Hittrax Data Stored, Recommended for ages 9-12: $350


Collegiate Training Packages

The best opportunity in the Milwaukee area to maximize athletic potential and become the best baseball or softball player you can be. Our collegiate training packages combine weekly work in the weight room with hitting and throwing (using Hittrax and Driveline Baseball protocols) to push each player to grow physically and mentally if they have hopes of playing at the next level. These packages range from 3-5 days a week and will include personalized training programs using our state of the art Keiser strength equipment to improve overall strength, agility, mobility and flexibility. The combination of those along with building arm strength and a better swing are the reasons why these packages are a must for anyone looking to stand out at a showcase and earn a collegiate scholarship.

Rookie Package: 3 Days/week (2 lifts/1 skill) $360/month

All Star Package: 4 Days/week (2 lifts/2 skill) $400/month

MVP Package: 5 Days/week (3 lifts/2 skill) $440/month