An opportunity to fix mechanical and timing issues using both data and metrics over a 4 week span. Offered in groups of 3 or 4 athletes.


A chance to build throwing velocity as a pitcher or a position player. Available for both baseball/softball.

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Pitch Design Programs

An opportunity for pitchers to design and improve multiple pitches from their individual arm slot over the course of 4 weeks. Using Rapsodo technology to measure spin rate, spin axis, spin efficiency and other metrics.


Monthly Training

An opportunity to build the strength in the weight room, as well as the skill set necessary to play at the highest level.

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Little League Throwing Program

Prepare for the 2019 Season with this 6 week throwing program!

Individual Lessons - The athlete gets to work one-on-one instruction with the coach for an hour. They can work on a variety of things including; pitching, hitting, fielding, and catching.

$60/Hour $90/2 Players

Softball Nights - A unique opportunity for girls to sign up for an hour of live pitching and hitting. The first 30 minutes will focus on specific skill and drill work, while the second 30 minutes will be swings taken using the Hittrax.