A monthly program focused on development of skills after the completion of competition season. It will include 3 visits per week that can be utilized to work on various things with each individual athlete, including skill work (Hitting/Throwing/Fielding), strength training and improving overall athletic ability. Training will mostly occur in small groups to promote a competitive atmosphere and bring the best intent out of each athlete. Summer ball may be in full swing, but development during the crucial summer months will be essential to all players that want to play at the next level.


Summer Development Includes:


    • Small group skill work training

    • Access to Driveline throwing protocols and arm care

    • Strength programs and access to the weight room

    • Personal profiles with data tracking on our Hittrax baseball/softball hitting simulator


Hours Available for Training: M-F 10am – 12pm/ 3pm – 6pm (scheduled prior to each week)


Price: $250/month (Available June 1st - August 31st)