Pitch Design

Using Rapsodo, Data and Metrics


The Newest Development in Pitching Instruction

Pitch design is our newest program, and one of the most exciting opportunities we have to offer here at Delta Sports Performance. Using state of the art technology as well as top tier pitching instruction, we have designed a 4 week long program that will allow pitchers for baseball and softball to design specific pitches that will be extremely effective within their arsenal.

The basic structure of the program will be as follows:

Day 1: Initial Assessment - Using metrics such as spin rate, spin efficiency, spin axis, horizontal and vertical break of each pitch.

Day 2: Pitch Design - Working to design a pitch that better works from the individuals arm action, making each pitch look very similar to the hitter out of the hand, known as “tunneling”.

Day 3: Pitch Blending - Using the newly developed pitch during a bullpen session, and learning in what situations to throw it. Better understanding the player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Day 4: Final Assessment - Assessing all of the player’s pitches once again, now using the new one or two he/she developed. Comparing it back to Day 1 and developing a future plan to continue to improve.

January Dates

High School Baseball: Thursdays 1/3 - 1/24 7:00pm - 8:00pm