Freshman #1

Graduation Year: 2022/ Nicolet

Position: SS        Secondary: IF
Throws: R/L   R        Bats: R/L/S   R
Height:    5’ 10”        Weight: 170
Max Throwing Velocity: 68.8mph
Max Exit Velocity: 77.2mph
Home to First: 3.05

College Commitment: Uncommitted



GPA:    3.8 (8th grade)        ACT: N/A (hasn’t taken yet)

About Me: Sydney Mele Kalonihea
Favorite Food: BBQ chicken pizza
Favorite Musical Artist: Lil Uzi Vert, Drake or Khalid
Dream Travel Destination:  Tonga
Favorite Movie: Any Avengers movie
Greatest Softball Memory: Either finally making the double play I had been working on for a while, hitting two home runs in a game or hitting a grand slam in the slow pitch all star game