Delta Sports Performance Throwing Velocity Program

With average fastball velocity in Major League Baseball climbing over 92mph in 2018, the ability to throw the baseball hard is more sought after than ever. Long gone are the days where collegiate scholarships are given out to pitchers who “locate”. If you are interested in throwing harder, whether off the mound or in the field, Delta Sports Performance is now offering you that opportunity.

This program will be available to high school athletes, softball or baseball and will be eight weeks in length. It will combine Driveline baseball throwing protocols with a weekly training program geared to help each individual athlete maximize their physical ability to throw a baseball or softball. It will require three days of attendance per week, because there is no easy route to increasing velocity. If you are serious about improving arm strength, and therefore improving your chances to play at the next level, this program is perfectly suited for you.

Velocity Program Results

Corey P. : Max Fastball Velocity 73.8mph - 79.4mph

Madison K. : Infield Throwing Velocity 54.6mph - 61.1mph

Brandon P. : Max Fastball Velocity 76mph - 79.8mph

Ian S. : Max Fastball Velocity 65.1mph - 69.4mph